Complex Systems Design: 15 Design Thinking

Design thinking is a design process that enables us to solve complex problems. It combines deep end-user experience, systems thinking, iterative rapid prototyping and multi-stakeholder feedback to guide us through the successive stages in our design.

What is Design Thinking

Design Thinking – Suppose you are part of a thriving business and need to branch out and find that next big thing. Or say you want to change a behavior, like getting people…a lot of people…to use less energy in their homes. How would you go about it? Design thinking is a powerful tool to tackle the unknown. Watch the video for more details.

Design Thinking is About Doing

Stefanos Zenios explains how design thinking and the lean startup methodology can help entrepreneurs quickly take their big idea from a rough sketch on the back of a napkin to a real world product. In this “mini lesson”, he provides tips on how to get customer feedback, create effective prototypes, and facilitate more productive brainstorming sessions. Zenios is director of the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at Stanford Graduate School of Business, where he teaches the popular Startup Garage course and serves as Charles A. Holloway professor of Operations, Information and Technology.

How It Works: Design Thinking

Trying to solve a problem or find better ways of getting work done? Get familiar with IBM Design Thinking and Agile.

All about Learning. Design Thinking.

Design Thinking is a cyclical process that allows you to solve complex problems in a creative way.
It is cyclical: you will build prototypes of your solution and will work on them, asking for the feedback of your stakeholders until you will design the final solution. The empathy map, the definition of the problem statement, the ideation phase and the prototyping and testing phase are the key steps of the process.

How design thinking transformed Airbnb from failing startup to billion-dollar business

A fireside chat between Joe Gebbia of Airbnb and Phin Barnes of First Round Capital. Filmed at Design+Startup at IDEO San Francisco on March 14, 2013.