Digital Strategy & Insight

Empowering brand with a clear strategic edge

Exceptional digital projects start with a comprehensive strategy

Engaging, Innovative & Cost Effective

Through collaboration and in-depth consultation, I capture the essence of service or product, a 360º understanding of the business, competitors and goals. Then determine how they can be met by combining research, competitor review and experience to develop innovative strategies and a clear roadmap to success. I uncover how the brand should behave in the digital landscape and identify the best opportunities, thus empowering the brand with a clear strategic edge.


A digital strategy to define the requirements

Engaging, Innovative & Cost Effective

A digital strategy will define the requirements, goals, strengths, weaknesses, target audience, competition and your available opportunities. It will detail the best uses of technology, online promotional platforms and budgets. Also included in your strategy will be a plan for how this will all be implemented, delivered and maintained for continued success.

Stakeholder Discussion

Gain insight into business to define marketing goals.

Competitor Benchmarking

Identify and analyse your main competitors

Customer Research

Help understand Customer expectations

Brand Positioning

Identify how the brand is currently positioned and define the brand repositioning

Define Strategy

Define business goals & craft digital strategy to meet business marketing goals

Providing a rich user experience and maximizing ROI

And once defined strategy, the journey doesn’t end there. I combine these insights with the latest digital marketing technologies and marketing techniques to help you execute and deliver your strategy thus providing a rich user experience and maximizing your ROI.